Configuring Dremio for Queries with non-ISO-8859-1 Literals

Dremio 15.0.0 supports queries that contain non-ISO-8859-1 literals, such as the euro sign, ‘€’. The following procedure demonstrates how to configure Dremio to support UTF-8 literals in queries.

To configure Dremio 15.0.0+ to support UTF-8 literals:

  1. Stop Dremio.
  2. Open dremio-env in an editor.
    The file is located in the /conf directory.
  3. Set the DREMIO_JAVA_SERVER_EXTRA_OPTS property to the following value:
    DREMIO_JAVA_SERVER_EXTRA_OPTS='-Dsaffron.default.charset=UTF-8 -Dsaffron.default.nationalcharset=UTF-8$en_US'
  4. Restart Dremio.

To support UTF-16, set the value of DREMIO_JAVA_SERVER_EXTRA_OPTS to ‘-Dsaffron.default.charset=UTF-16 -Dsaffron.default.nationalcharset=UTF-16$en_US’.