Dremio Node Roles

A Dremio cluster consists of:

  • One or more coordinator nodes. One coordinator node also serves as the master node.
  • One or more executor nodes.

Coordinator Nodes

Coordinator nodes are responsible for:

  • Query planning
  • Serving Dremio's UI
  • Handling client connections

Master Node

One of the coordinator nodes also servers as the master node. The master node manages communication with Dremio's metadata store.

Executor Nodes

Executor nodes are responsible for query execution.

Single Node & Cluster Deployments

In single node deployments, both execution and coordination happens on the same node. See Single Node Quickstart for a quick installation on a single node using the defaults with no additional configuration (for example: encryption, distributed storage, data acceleration, and so on.)

In cluster deployments, a given node may only have a single role: either a coordinator or an executor. Multiple roles per node are not supported in cluster deployments.


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