Step by Step Instructions for Launching Dremio from the AWS Marketplace

This is the detailed list of steps that you need to follow to successfully launch Dremio AWS Edition in your account.


[info] Note

By completing this process you will be launching a paid EC2 instance that will be the coordinator node for Dremio.

Step 1. Search and find Dremio in the AWS Marketplace

Create Project

Step 2. Once you review the listing page, click on "Continue to Subscribe"


Step 3. Accept the terms and conditions

Accept Terms

Step 4. Wait for the subscription process to complete, then click on "Continue to Configuration"

Continue to Configuration

Step 5. Select the configuration parameters:

  • Fulfillment option: 64-bit (x86) Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Software Version: 4.2.0-1 (Apr 09, 2020) select the latest version
  • Region: You have multiple options here, we recommend choosing the region where your data is located to avoid latency issues.

Create Project

Step 6. Click on "Continue to Launch"


Step 7. In the Choose Action menu, select "Launch through EC2" and then click "Launch"

Launch through EC2

Step 8. Select an instance type

This is the EC2 instance that will be the coordinator node for your cluster. Dremio has selected 3 instance types that are optimized for this function. Scroll down until you see them, they are easy to identify because they are the only ones that have the radio button enabled. Select the reccomended instance type of m5d.2xlarge unless your requirements demand a larger instance. You can always go back and provision a larger instance type if needed. Click "Next: Configure Instance Details"

Configure Details

Step 9. In this section the only change that we are going to make is select the IAM Role that you created as a prerequisite, and click "Next: Add Storage".

Add Storage

Step 10. In the storage section, leave everything as it is and the click "Next: Add Tags"

Add Tags

Step 11. Add the following tag:

Key: dremio_managed

Value: true

Click on "Next: Configure Security Group"

Create Project

Step 12. As per the prerequisites, you should of already configured a Security Group for Dremio. Select the radio button for "Select an existing Security Group", and then select that Security Group from the drop down. Click on "Review and Launch"

Review and Launch

Step 13. Verify that everything looks correct. It is normal to see the "Free tier" warning. Click "Launch"

Create Project

Step 14. After a few minutes, your instance will be ready. To access it, navigate to your EC2 dashboard and select the IPV4 Public IP.

Copy IP

Step 15. In your browser go to the following: http://[instance IPv4]:9047

  • If this is your first time using Dremio or you have not created any previous Projects, you will be able to Create and Launch your first Project
  • If you have already created a Project, you will see the Project List page where you can open or close existing Projects, delete Projects, or create new Projects.

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