Open an Existing Project



Starting a Project requires permission to use the IAM role associated with the project.

Step 1: Launch Dremio AWS Edition through the AWS Marketplace

Step 2: Select a Closed Project to Open

Once you have launched Dremio from the Marketplace, if you have existing Projects, you will land on the Project List page. If you don’t have any Projects, then you will be taken directly to Create and Launch a Project.

The Project List page shows all of your existing Projects. In the example below, there are 3 “Open” or running Projects (identified by the green icons), and 2 “closed” or non-running Projects (identified by the gray icons). For the closed Project that you want to open, hover under the “Action” column at the far and you will bring up actions that can be done to that Project. Click on the “Launch” icon to open your Project.

Select Project

Step 3: Confirm that you want to Open the Project

Click on “Confirm”


Step 4: Enter the Instance ID for authentication

Find the Instance ID on the EC2 console page that you just came from. It can be found in two places on the page, the bottom ID has a convenient copy function if you hover over the Instance ID number. Authentication

Paste the Instance ID into the test box and click “Authenticate”

Project List Start

Step 5: Open the Project

It takes a few minutes for the Project to open as it needs to attach to the coordinator instance and launch the default engine.
Open Project

Step 6: Enter your login credentials and open your Project

Dremio Login

Step 7: Finished

The Dremio Project is ready to be used.

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