Dremio AWS Edition Quickstart Instructions

  1. If you have not already done so, create IAM Policy and IAM Role as per these instructions:
  2. If you have not already done so, configure an appropriate Security Group per these instructions:
  3. Navigate to Dremio listing in the AWS Marketplace Marketplace Listing

  4. Follow the Marketplace subscription steps and launch Dremio, specifying the region to use and "Launch through EC2"

  5. Configure the instance details as required
  6. Select the IAM role defined as per above instructions (in step 1)
  7. Select the Security Group you crearted in step 2
  8. Add tag "dremio_managed" = "true"
  9. Launch the instance
  10. Access Dremio through a web browser using IPv4 Public IP:9047
  11. If this is your first Dremio Project, you can create your first project Create and Launch a Project
  12. If this is not your first Project, you will see a list of open and closed projects that you can start, stop, delete, or you can create and launch a new project.

For more detailed instructions, see: Step by step instructions

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