Customizing Executors

You can customize executors for system-level configurations such as changing log levels and JVM arguments to suit the required configuration.

After launching a project, you can run the following commands on the coordinator node to create an executor customization script.

# On the Coordinator after a project is created.

# create /var/dremio_efs/
sudo mkdir -p /var/dremio_efs/executor/etc/dremio/

sudo sh -c 'echo "#!/bin/bash" > /var/dremio_efs/'
sudo chmod 755 /var/dremio_efs/

When executors are subsequently launched, the customization script at /var/dremio_efs/ is run on each executor after the EFS volume mounts and before Dremio starts.


If executors are already running when you did these changes, you must restart the execution engine for the changes to take effect.

These are the two main ways to customize the executors:

  • Executing arbitrary commands on the node
  • Overriding Dremio configuration files

You can add arbitrary commands to the /var/dremio_efs/ script.

To override Dremio configuration files such as dremio.conf, dremio-env, logback.xml, and core-site.xml, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the custom version of configuration files into /var/dremio_efs/executor/etc/dremio/.
  2. Add the command, cp -rf /var/dremio_efs/executor/etc/dremio/* /etc/dremio to