Deploying Dremio on AWS


AWS Cloudformation templates were previously provided for testing and evaluation purposes only. They have been deprecated and will be replaced by an upcoming AWS Marketplace listing. Existing Cloudformation deployments will continue to function however it is recommended that the Marketplace listing is used for testing and evaluation once it is available.


  • AWS account
  • AWS Keypair
  • Permission to create security groups
  • (Optional) VPC and subnet for non-default VPC and subnet


Dremio for an AWS deployment creates coordinator and executor nodes that are associated with the selected cluster size.

This link is associated with Dremio’s AWS Cloudformation template: Evaluate via AWS Cloudformation

Step 2: Log in to AWS

Log in using your AWS account (if you’re not already logged in).

Step 3: Configure the Dremio Deployment

From CloudFormation > Stacks, create a stack for the Dremio deployment.

  1. From the Select Template page, click Next.
  2. Specify the stack details and click Next.
    • Specify the stack name (default: myDemio)
    • Specify the parameters for the Dremio cluster and the AWS resource configuration.
  3. (Optional) Configure the stack options and click Next.
  4. Review your configuration amd click Create.


Parameter Description
Cluster Size* Pick a size based on your needs.
Deploy to VPC VPC for the Dremio cluster deployment.
Deploy to Subnet Subnet for the Dremio cluster deployment. The subnet must be in the selected VPC.
Dremio download URL (Optional) A public accessible URL to a Dremio RPM installer. Default: <empty> (latest CE release)
AWS keypair The AWS keypair used for the Dremio cluster.

Cluster Size parameter

Based on the cluster size, the following machine types and number of executor nodes are implemented. Note that the cost of your AWS deployment depends on the selected cluster size.

Cluster size Coordinator VM Size Executor VM Size No. of Executors
X-Small m5.2xlarge r5d.4xlarge 1
Small m5.2xlarge r5d.4xlarge 5
Medium m5.4xlarge r5d.4xlarge 10
Large m5.4xlarge r5d.4xlarge 25
X-Large m5.4xlarge r5d.4xlarge 50

Step 4: Connect to Dremio

From CloudFormation:

  1. Select your Stack.
  2. Verify that your deployment is complete from Stack info.
  3. Once your deployment is complete, select the Outputs tab and click on the Dremio UI link to launch Dremio.
  4. Register with Dremio and login.

Getting Started

For more information, see Dremio Tutorials & Resources