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Version: current [24.2.x]

IBM Cognos Analytics

You can run SQL from Cognos Analytics to explore your data through Dremio. Cognos Analytics Dynamic Query supports connections to Dremio through the Dremio JDBC driver.

Supported Versions

Dremio connectivity is supported with Cognos Analytics 11.2.1 or later. You must be on Dremio 15.7 or later.

Supported Authentication Methods

You can use your Dremio username and password.

Creating a Connection

  1. Launch Cognos Analytics.

  2. Navigate to Manage > Data Server Connections.

  3. Click Add Data Server and select "Dremio" as the type of connection.

  4. For the JDBC URL, enter the URL for the Dremio coordinator using this template:

    JDBC URL template
  5. For the Authentication method, select Prompt for the user ID and password.

  6. (Optional) Click Test to test your connection.

  7. Click Save.