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Version: current [25.0.x]

25.0.0 Release Notes (April 2024)

Breaking Changes

  • Dremio no longer supports Java 8. A Java 11 SE JDK is now required. Failing to install a Java 11 SE JDK will result in an error at startup. In your dremio-env config files, you may need to remove any Java command line options that are not supported by Java 11 from the DREMIO_GC_OPTS and DREMIO_JAVA*EXTRA_OPTS variables. Yarn users may need to change the engine configuration to provide the path to a valid Java 11 environment by setting the JAVA_HOME environment in the engine properties.


  • ZooKeeper 3.4 has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported. Using ZooKeeper 3.4 will result in an error at startup. Dremio recommends ZooKeeper 3.6 or later.


  • Dremio now throws an error and logs a warning event for queries that include ambiguous columns, including queries for creating views. The error message indicates that the column name is ambiguous: com.dremio.common.exceptions.UserRemoteException: VALIDATION ERROR: Column '$col_name' is ambiguous. For example, in the following query, the column id is ambiguous:

    DX-83702 DX-86763 DX-87539 DX-85230

    SELECT * FROM (SELECT id, 2 AS id FROM (VALUES (1, 'one')) AS t(id, name))

    To resolve the issue, rewrite the query to remove the ambiguity. For example:

    SELECT * FROM (SELECT id, 2 AS id0 FROM (VALUES (1, 'one')) AS t(id, name))
  • The 24.2-hive-universal package is deprecated in 25.0.0. If you have a Hive 2 data source, follow the instructions for upgrading to 25.0.0. We recommend that you invest extra time to test Hive 2 use cases in a test environment before deploying to production.


  • Renamed support key planner.writer.round_robin' to planner.writer.round_robin.


Known Issues

As of version 25.0.0, Dremio supports encrypted data source credentials. For this reason, when you upgrade to Dremio 25.0.0, if you want RocksDB to contain only encrypted credentials for your existing data sources, you must clear the RocksDB cache using the following steps:

  1. Run dremio-admin upgrade.
  2. Run dremio start and wait for Dremio to start up.
  3. Run dremio stop.
  4. Run dremio-admin clean --compact.
  5. Run dremio start.

To confirm that all existing data source credentials were encrypted successfully, check the server log from step 2 for messages like these:

2024-03-19 18:17:02,209 [main] INFO  c.dremio.exec.catalog.PluginsManager - Successfully migrate the source [s3]. Took 4531 milliseconds.
2024-03-19 18:17:02,236 [main] INFO c.dremio.exec.catalog.PluginsManager - Successfully migrate the source [glue]. Took 26 milliseconds.
2024-03-19 18:17:02,236 [main] INFO c.dremio.exec.catalog.PluginsManager - Did not need to migrate the source [<source_name>]. Took 26 milliseconds.
2024-03-19 18:17:02,236 [main] INFO c.dremio.exec.catalog.PluginsManager - Completed sources migration. Total: 4611 milliseconds.

Issues may occur reading Apache Iceberg tables with equality deletes from Hive or Glue sources.


What's New

  • Enabled the memory arbiter by default in order to monitor the usage of four key operators: HASH_AGGREGATE, HASH_JOIN, EXTERNAL_SORT, and TOP_N_SORT. This usage is monitored across all queries running on an executor to improve how the executor utilizes its direct memory and to reduce OutOfMemoryException errors.


    • If the memory arbiter detects that the memory usage is too high, then the memory usage will be reduced in these two ways:
      • Starting with the biggest consumers, some of these operators will need to reduce their memory usage mainly by spilling to disk.
      • Memory allocations will be blocked.
  • Changes to the logback configuration are now automatically applied without requiring a restart. To ensure that this feature is enabled when you upgrade to Dremio 25.0.0, take care to avoid replacing the installed conf/logback.xml file with your backup copy.


  • Enabled HASH_JOIN to spill to disk by default when the memory allocated for a query is fully utilized.


  • Out-of-the-box observability metrics are now available for user activity and jobs such as most active users, longest running jobs, most queried datasets, and more. See the Settings > Monitor page to see these metrics.

    DX-86592 DX-83785

  • Improved the robustness of the embedded metadata pointer store.


  • Added support for column mapping within Delta Lake tables, effectively supporting minReaderVersion 2.

    DX-62046 DX-87465

  • Enabled checksum-based verification for Azure Blob Storage and Data Lake Gen 2 sources to ensure data integrity during network transfers.


  • Added support for the ARRAY_FREQUENCY SQL function. It takes an array as input and produces MAP with array values as keys and corresponding frequencies as values.


  • You can use the Recommendations API to submit job IDs of jobs that ran SQL queries, and receive recommendations for aggregation reflections that can accelerate those queries. See Recommendations for more information.


  • Added support for creating reflections on views and tables with row-access and column-masking policies defined on any of the underlying anchor datasets. See more information.

    DX-68923 DX-89495

  • Added support for configuring reflection refreshes to occur on a schedule.


  • Added the configuration option services.coordinator.web.auth.login_additional_latency_millis for ensuring that login successes and failures take about the same amount of time. This makes all login requests (successful or not) slower, which makes brute force attacks harder. This configuration option can be turned off. It is on by default.


  • Added the SKIP_FILE option to the COPY INTO SQL command. The SKIP_FILE option specifies that the COPY INTO operation should stop processing the input file at the first error it encounters.


  • You can now refresh reflections by using an API method, ALTER TABLE, and ALTER VIEW. You can also refresh reflections on views by using the Catalog API.


  • Added support for getting recommendations about what default raw reflections to create.


  • Added support for showing the date and time that a reflection's data was last refreshed. If the refresh is running, failing, or disabled, the value is 12/31/1969 23:59:59. The date and time are available in the Dremio console and via the Reflection API.


  • Added two new ways for starting the refresh of a reflection:

    • On the Settings > Reflections page, hover over the row about the reflection and click the refresh icon.
    • In the Advanced view of the reflections editor, click the refresh icon above the table that describes the content of the reflection.
  • Added support for reading Apache Iceberg tables with equality deletes.


  • Added support for Hive on GCS.


  • Added a new refresh status: Pending. This status means that the refresh of a reflection will begin after the refreshes of its anchor and all downstream tables and views are finished.


  • Added support for ZooKeeper 3.5.6 and later.


  • Disabled C3 caching during the loading of Parquet source files via the COPY INTO operation, thereby reducing cache contention with other query workloads.


  • Improved Dremio's capabilities for concurrent DML operations on Iceberg tables and improved error messaging for concurrent load failures.


  • Added to Reflection Summary objects of the Reflection API and the SYS.PROJECT.REFLECTIONS table the error message that explains the most recent failure of a refresh of a reflection. No message appears if no refresh has yet been attempted, no failure has occurred, or a successful refresh has followed a failed one.

  • Added support for performing incremental refreshes on reflections that are defined on views that use joins.


  • Changed the tabs in the SQL runner to display the most recent results of a query, if the results are available from the job history, without the user having to run the query again.


  • Added support for copy_errors() table function on Parquet tables.


  • Removed the following support keys because they were enabled by default over several major releases:

    • dremio.deltalake.enabled (introduced in 14.0, enabled by default in 17.0)
    • store.deltalake.hive_support.enabled (introduced as enabled by default in 24.0)
    • store.deltalake.spark_support.enabled (introduced as enabled by default in 24.1)
    • dremio.deltalake.time_travel.enabled (introduced as enabled by default in 24.2)
    • dremio.execution.support_unlimited_splits (introduced as enabled by default in 21.0)
    • dremio.iceberg.enabled (introduced in 11.0, enabled by default in 21.0)
    • dremio.iceberg.ctas.enabled (introduced as enabled by default in 22.0)
    • dremio.iceberg.rollback.enabled (enabled by default in 24.0)
      DX-87789 DX-87491 DX-53796 DX-87898
  • Added support for limiting access to specified databases on Glue sources.

    DX-87812 DX-88223 DX-88420 DX-87811

  • Upgraded Netty libraries to version 4.1.104.


  • Added daily catalog maintenance tasks to trim history of views to a maximum of 50 records per view. This limits the storage needed for datasetVersions records in the KV store.

    DX-86156 DX-87549

  • To improve reflection observability, in the Reflection tab in the settings, the Dataset column is now wider and truncates after two lines. Also, users now receive a notification if the materialization cache is uninitialized for reflections as well as a message when hovering on the status icon for reflections whose caches are initializing.

    DX-86891 DX-86890

  • In the Reflection tab in the settings, users can now retry a refresh on all unavailable reflections.


  • Reflection recommendations are now associated with the corresponding job IDs.

    DX-86726 DX-86672

  • Improved reliability and memory efficiency for Dremio coordinators.

    DX-86245 DX-86675

  • Privilege changes are processed more quickly in the Dremio console.


  • To improve performance, users can now push filters past sort operations.


  • No data is read in the REFRESH REFLECTION job for reflections that are dependent only on Iceberg, Parquet, Avro, non-transactional ORC datasets, or other reflections and have no new data since the last refresh.


Issues Fixed

  • Fixed the handling of SQL functions, such as LOWER, UPPER, and REVERSE, in queries on system tables.


  • Reduced the heap memory used by the SORT operator.


  • TCP-DS queries no longer fail with an error that says the table or column is not found.


  • AWSE upgrades no longer fail with the error Unexpected global state.


  • Fixed gRPC exceptions in the Dremio console due to improper handling of transient server errors.


  • The APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT function now properly calculates the approximate count distinct rather than the exact count distinct.


  • The Save button for reflections defined on views in spaces would be enabled for public users who have only SELECT, EDIT, and VIEW REFLECTION privileges. Such users still were correctly prevented from modifying reflections, as clicking Save did nothing.


  • Discontinued the hive-universal build. As of this change, Hive 2.x sources are driven by Hive 3 plugin in the main build. Hive 2 libraries and artifacts (and the Hive 2 Dremio plugin itself) are omitted from the installation directory.


  • Added the dremio-job-id property to the metadata for Iceberg tables in Glue sources.


  • Fixed an issue where certain queries returned incorrect results when multiple Nullable columns were referenced in conditions with OR operators.


  • Added a check to determine whether users running the COPY INTO command have SELECT privileges on either the source storage location specified in the FROM clause or on each individual source file mentioned in the FILES clause.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed reflections to be created when their definitions included UDFs that contained context-sensitive functions.


  • Dremio no longer caches CURRENT_DATE_UTC and CURRENT_DATE during query planning, which was causing incorrect results. As a result, queries that use CURRENT_DATE_UTC and CURRENT_DATE have some performance latency in favor of accurate results.


  • Fixed an issue that caused an aggregation reflection sometimes to be created automatically when a raw reflection was created.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a message about a failed query to appear after the switch from one SQL tab to another.


  • Fixed an issue in the SQL Runner where expanding the large data field by using the ellipsis (...) caused the results to be unresponsive when the data included DateTime objects.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the SQL function APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT to return null instead of 0 in some cases.


  • Ensured that group policy grants are respected in AWS Lake formation when Dremio is used with Okta.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred if "All tables" was selected during AWS Lake formation and the granting of a new permission that was meant to apply to all tables within the selected database.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the details of jobs not to be updated in the Dremio console when jobs were running.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the creation of a new branch to update the context of the SQL Runner automatically.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the skip_file option of the COPY INTO SQL command not to handle Parquet file corruption issues if they are in the first page of a row group.


  • Reduced the severity of log messages about function lookup for Hive functions so that they are no longer listed as errors.


  • The Settings button is now shown at the top-right of the page when navigating to a Nessie source.


  • Authentication with a secret resource URL now works properly for Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and PostgreSQL data sources.


  • In Kubernetes environments, the Dremio load balancer service now remains active during dremio-admin operations.


  • In Kubernetes environments, you can now write logs to a file on disk in addition to stdout.


  • Reading Iceberg tables with positional deletes no longer causes an IndexOutOfBoundsException.


  • The Details panel is no longer blank when opened from the menu in a Nessie source.


  • The commit history for MERGE commands run in the Dremio console no longer show the user ID instead of the user email.


  • Creating a raw reflection on a dataset on which no reflections are already defined no longer creates an aggregation reflection.


  • The Go to Table () button now appears on the Datasets page for tables and views when the Query on click preference is disabled. The button also appears on lineage graphs for tables.

    DX-85964 DX-84694

  • You can disable analytics data from being sent to Intercom using the dremio.ui.outside_communication_disabled support key.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing sub-optimal query plans for queries with partition column filters.


DX-85812 was already added to the release notes for 24.0.0.
DX-85812 was already added to the release notes for 24.0.0.
DX-84620 was already added to the release notes for 24.0.0.
DX-65078 was already added to the release notes for 24.2.5.
DX-85901 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.2.
DX-74000 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.3.
DX-85123 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.3.
DX-56534 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.3.
DX-69759 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.3.
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DX-88043 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-87086 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-87660 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-86125 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-87876 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-87580 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-88194 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.
DX-86919 was already added to the release notes for 24.3.4.

25.0.3 Release Notes (May 2024)

Issues Fixed

  • Joins with non-equality conditions and join conditions that use calculations no longer introduce duplicate rows (while respecting desired filtering properties) into the result set.