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Version: current [25.0.x]

ODBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL 0.9.0 Release Notes

Dremio is proud to introduce this ODBC driver for Apache Arrow Flight SQL. The driver is open-source and you are free to use it with Dremio's data lakehouse platform or any other data platform that has an Arrow Flight SQL endpoint.

To download the driver, see ODBC Driver for Arrow Flight SQL.


  • Your Dremio cluster must be at version 22.0 or later.


Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication is enabled by default for Arrow Flight client applications. To configure encryption, see Arrow Flight Encryption. If you want to connect via unencrypted connections, you must explicitly disable useEncryption by setting it to false in the connection parameters for the ODBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.


  • Queries that are canceled from a client application continue running in Dremio. To cancel a query in Dremio, cancel it from Dremio's Jobs page.
  • Impersonation is not yet supported.
  • Performance has not yet been optimized.
  • Dremio Cloud does not yet support this driver.
  • There is no Windows 32-bit version of the driver.
  • ODBC data conversions are limited to the following table.
  • For macOS, applications also relying on pyarrow must statically link to avoid conflicting with the Arrow libraries statically linked in the ODBC driver.


  • If you are using Tableau, use the native Dremio connector that comes with Tableau.

  • If you are using Power BI, use the native Dremio connector that is in the April 2022 version and later.