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Version: current [25.0.x]

Installing and Upgrading

Installation and upgrading instructions are specific to either RPM or Tarball packages.

For information about installing or upgrading, see:

Upgrade Notes: 25.0.0

As of Dremio 25.0.0, the Hive 3 plugin serves both Hive 2 and Hive 3 data sources. For this reason, if you have a Hive 2 data source, you must follow the instructions in this section when upgrading to Dremio 25.0.0. We recommend that you invest extra time to test Hive 2 use cases in a test environment before deploying to production.

Before Upgrading to 25.0.0

Back up the <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2.d/ (Dremio Community/OSS) or <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2-ee.d/ (Dremio Enterprise) directory of hive2-ee.d directory.

After Upgrading to 25.0.0

Migrate the contents of those directories by following these steps on every node of your Dremio cluster:

  1. Create the following directory:

    • <dremio-root> is the root directory of the Dremio instance.

    • <hive-plugin-id> is either of these values:

      • If you are using Dremio Community/OSS: hive3

      • If you are using Dremio Enterprise: hive3-ee

  1. Move these items from the <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2.d/ (Dremio Community/OSS) or <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2-ee.d/ (Dremio Enterprise) directory into the new directory:

    • Each JAR file

    • Each resource directory


    We recommend thoroughly reviewing any configuration files in the hive2.d or hive2-ee.d directory, such as hive-site.xml, to confirm whether the Hive 2 configuration files are usable in Hive 3.

    If you have both Hive 2 and Hive 3 data sources, you might have configuration files in the existing hive2.d/hive2-ee.d and hive3/hive3-ee directories. In this case, you must merge the content into a single configuration file in a single hive3/hive3-ee directory.

  2. Ensure the new directory and its contents are readable by the Dremio process user.