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Version: current [24.2.x]

Installing and Upgrading

Installation and upgrading instructions are specific to either RPM or Tarball packages.

For information about installing or upgrading, see:

24.2.0 Upgrade Notes


These upgrade notes are for customers who meet either of these conditions and who are concerned about possible security vulnerabilities coming from Hive 2 dependencies:

  • You are using a Hive 2 source.
  • You are using a Glue source and use Glue plugins in the the <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2-ee.d/ directory.

If you meet neither of these conditions, you can skip these notes.

Introducing the Hive Universal Package for Addressing Vulnerabilities in Hive 2

Security scanners might highlight several vulnerabilities in the Dremio package related to Hive 2. If you would like your 24.2.0 Dremio deployment not to include these vulnerabilities, please use the 24.2-hive-universal package.


Using the 24.2-hive-universal package might have an impact on Hive 2 use cases. If you have such use cases, it is recommended to invest extra time testing them in a 24.2-hive-universal test environment before production deployment.

Before Upgrading to 24.2.0 with the 24.2-hive-universal Package

Back up the <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2-ee.d/ directory.

After Upgrading to 24.2.0 with the 24.2-hive-universal Package

Migrate the contents of this directory by following these steps on every node of your Dremio cluster:

  1. Create the following directory:
    <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive3-ee.d/, where <dremio-root> is the root directory of the Dremio instance.

  2. Move these items from the <dremio-root>/plugins/connectors/hive2-ee.d/ directory into the new directory:

    • Each JAR file

    • Each resource directory

  3. Ensure the new directory and its contents are readable by the Dremio process user.

23.1.0 Upgrade Notes

Upgrading from Dremio Hub's Community Snowflake Plugin


The community Snowflake plugin from Dremio Hub is not compatible with Dremio version 23.0 and later. You should use Dremio version 23.1 or later if you have Snowflake sources because it comes with an official Snowflake plugin.

If you are upgrading an older version of Dremio to version 23.1 or later, you must do the following:

  1. Remove your Snowflake sources in Dremio.
  2. Remove the community Snowflake plugin and the existing Snowflake JDBC driver.
  3. Upgrade Dremio to version 23.1 or later.
  4. Re-add your Snowflake sources in Dremio with the same names.
  5. Re-create your reflections on your Snowflake sources.

12.0.0 Upgrade Notes

Enabling Legacy Authentication Mode for Flight Server Endpoint

By default, Dremio 12.0.0 enables arrow.flight.auth2 authentication mode. However, the endpoint continues to support the legacy authentication mode from earlier Dremio versions. Dremio administraters may configure the Dremio 12.0.0 server endpoint to use the legacy authentication mode for backward compatibility with earlier Flight client applications.

To enable legacy authentication mode:

  1. Add a services.flight.auth.mode statement to your dremio.conf configuration file with a value of legacy.arrow.flight.auth:

    services: {
    coordinator.enabled: true,
    coordinator.master.enabled: true,
    executor.enabled: true,
    flight: {
    enabled: true,
    port: 32010,
    auth.mode: "legacy.arrow.flight.auth"
  2. Restart Dremio.