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Version: current [24.2.x]

Close an Open Project


Jobs that are running when the Project is closed will be terminated and will not complete.
All Dremio data will be preserved in the Project in its closed state and will persist unless that Project is deleted.

Projects are persistent objects where all user-specific definitions, metadata, and necessary system data reside. As long as the Project is not deleted, it if is closed it will be available to be opened at a later date. Coordinator instances and engines can be turned on and off as necessary to meet the workload demand. See AWS Edition Overview for more details.

Closing a Project terminates the Dremio coordinator instance and all engine instances. This effectively "turns off" the Dremio application. The Project persists all necessary definitions, metadata, and user information so that it can be reopened in the same state that was in before it was closed. See Opening an Existing Project

The data in the Project will persist, so as long as no jobs are running when a Project is closed, no data will be lost.

To close a Project, you must terminate the coordinator instance from within the EC2 Console.

Step 1: Navigate and sign in to your AWS EC2 console (if you are not already logged in)

Step 2. Find the coordinator instance for the Project, and select it by checking the box at the far left (it will turn blue).

You can find the correct instance by searching for Project Name, Instance #, or IP. All running instances will have a green icon in "Instance State" column.

Step 3: Terminate Instance

From the dropdown at the top of the console, select "Terminate" Actions > Instance State > Terminate This will start the process of terminating the instance. This process can take a few minutes.


It is very important that you select "Terminate" and not "Stop". Selecting stop will not properly shut down the Project. See below instructions on what to do if you do happen to mistakenly select "Stop".

Step 4: Verify that the instance is Terminated

Once the instance has been terminated, the green icon in the "Instance State" column will turn red. The Project is now closed, and the coordinator and all engines have been shut down. To Open this Project back up, see these instructions: [Open and Existing Project](/software/(aws-edition-restart)

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