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    The sys.organization.privileges table contains metadata for privileges at the organization-level. To access project-level privileges, see the sys.project.privileges table.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.organization.privileges

    Example Output

    grantee_id grantee_type privilege object_id object_type
    test.user@dremio.com user ALTER @test.user@dremio.com.weather VDS
    test.user@dremio.com user SELECT @test.user@dremio.com.weather VDS
    PUBLIC role ENGINE firstEngine USAGE
    PUBLIC role ENGINE preview USAGE
    test.user@dremio.com user OWNERSHIP acme corporation org ORG
    test.user2@dremio.com user OWNERSHIP reflections-engine ENGINE
    test.user@dremio.com user OWNERSHIP default-cloud CLOUD
    test.user@dremio.com user OWNERSHIP dev-project PROJECT


    Field Data Type Description
    grantee_id varchar The user or role to which the object has been granted.
    grantee_type varchar The type of object that the privilege is granted to.
    Enum: user, role
    privilege varchar The privilege granted on the object to the grantee.
    object_id varchar The name of the object on which the privilege has been granted.
    object_type varchar The type of the object on which the privilege has been granted.