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    Categories: Aggregate, Window


    Returns the total number of records for the specified expression.


    COUNT(expression any primitive) → bigint

    • expression: The expression to evaluate the number of records. This parameter can either be * or a column name of any primitive data type. Using asterisk (*) will include rows that contain NULL. Specifying a column name will ignore rows have NULL in that column.


    Aggregate function example
    SELECT COUNT(passenger_count) FROM "Samples"."samples.dremio.com"."NYC-taxi-trips"
    -- 338293677
    Window function example
    SELECT "trip_distance_mi",
      COUNT("total_amount") OVER(PARTITION BY "trip_distance_mi") "count_total_amount"
    FROM "Samples"."samples.dremio.com"."NYC-taxi-trips"
    LIMIT 1
    -- trip_distance_mi, count_total_amount
    -- 0.06, 61900