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    Supported Regions

    Dremio Cloud has two control planes: one for the US, and one for Europe.

    US Control Plane

    The following are the endpoints for the US control plane.

    Arrow Flightdata.dremio.cloud
    Dremio UI Applicationapp.dremio.cloud
    REST APIapi.dremio.cloud

    European Control Plane

    The following are the endpoints for the European control plane.

    Arrow Flightdata.eu.dremio.cloud
    Dremio UI Applicationapp.eu.dremio.cloud
    REST APIapi.eu.dremio.cloud

    Supported Execution Plane Regions and Availability Zones

    The following are the supported AWS regions and availability zones.


    The us-east-1e availability zone is not currently supported.

    Supported AWS RegionCodeSupported Availability Zones
    ca-central-1Canada (Central)
    • ca-central-1a
    • ca-central-1b
    • ca-central-1c
    eu-central-1Europe (Frankfurt)
    • eu-central-1a
    • eu-central-1b
    • eu-central-1c
    eu-west-1Europe (Ireland)
    • eu-west-1a
    • eu-west-1b
    • eu-west-1c
    eu-west-2Europe (London)
    • eu-west-2a
    • eu-west-2b
    • eu-west-2c
    eu-west-3Europe (Paris)
    • eu-west-3a
    • eu-west-3b
    • eu-west-3c
    us-east-1US East (N. Virginia)
    • us-east-1a
    • us-east-1b
    • us-east-1c
    • us-east-1d
    • us-east-1f
    us-east-2US East (Ohio)
    • us-east-2a
    • us-east-2b
    • us-east-2c
    us-west-1US West (N. California)
    • us-west-1a
    • us-west-1b
    us-west-2US West (Oregon)
    • us-west-2a
    • us-west-2b
    • us-west-2c
    • us-west-2d