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    Connecting from Microsoft Excel to Dremio Cloud

    You can use Microsoft Excel to query and transform data through Dremio Cloud.

    Supported Versions

    You must use locally installed versions of Excel in Microsoft 365.

    Supported Authentication Methods

    There are two methods of authenticating that you can choose from when you connect to Dremio Cloud from Apache Superset or Preset:

    • Use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an enterprise identity provider
      To configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory, see Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


      You can use Microsoft authentication only if the admin for your Dremio Cloud organization has enabled it.

    • Use a personal access token (PAT) obtained from Dremio Cloud
      To create a PAT, follow the steps in the section Creating a Token.


    Creating a Connection

    1. In Microsoft Excel, select Data > Get Data > From Other Sources > From ODBC.

    2. In the From ODBC dialog, select the name of the system DSN that you created when configuring Dremio’s ODBC driver. Then, click OK.

    3. In the ODBC driver dialog, specify your authentication credentials:

      • If you want to authenticate by using a Microsoft account and password, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory is configured as an enterprise identity provider for Dremio Cloud, click Windows in the sidebar and then follow either of these steps:

        • If you want to use the Microsoft account that you are currently logged into, select the option Use my current credentials is selected.
        • If you want to use a different Microsoft account, select the option Use alternate credentials and specify the username and password.
      • If you want to authenticate by using a personal access token, click Database in the sidebar and follow these steps:

        • In the Username field, type $token.
        • In the Password field, paste your personal access token.
    4. Click Connect.