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    Quick Tour of Arctic

    To access the Arctic catalogs available in your organization, from the Organization page, select See all Arctic Catalogs.

    • If Arctic catalogs do not exist in your organization yet, the New Arctic Catalog dialog box will display to enable you to create one. For information about creating a catalog, see Adding an Arctic Catalog.
    • If Arctic catalogs exist, you will navigate to the Arctic catalog home page as shown in this image:

    Arctic catalog home page.

    1Breadcrumb: Navigation aid that provides links to the pages that are in the hierarchy of the current page. The top level page is the organization home page.
    2Catalog views: Lets you choose how to display all the catalogs in your organization - either list or grid view.
    3Add Catalog: Enables you to add a new catalog to the organization.
    4Arctic catalogs: Lists all the catalogs you have access to in the organization.

    After selecting a catalog, you navigate to its main page, as shown in this image:

    Arctic catalog information page.

    1Breadcrumb: If you have more than one catalog in the organization, a drop-down menu will be available to enable you to navigate to another catalog.
    2Tabs: Catalog information is broken out into the following tabs:
    • Data: The tables and views that are available in the catalog.
    • Commits: A record of the commits that have been made for the selected branch.
    • Tags: The tags that have been created in the catalog.
    • Branches: The branches that have been created in the catalog.
    3Search bar: Enables you to filter the resources.