Tableau Desktop (macOS)


Dremio Tableau (macOS) integration requires:


Copy the .tdc file at: /Library/Dremio/ODBC/Resources/DremioConnector.tdc into
~/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Datasources.

More information on managing .tdc files can be found on Tableau's website.

Creating a Live Connection to a Dataset from Dremio

The following instructions are used to make a connection from Dremio to Tableau and open a specific dataset in Tableau.

  1. In the Dremio UI, click on the dataset that you want to work with.

  2. From the dataset's Action dropdown menu, select Analyze With > Tableau. This action downloads a file.

  3. Click on the file that just downloaded and enter your Dremio credentials.

[success] Your virtual dataset is now viewable in Tableau.

Creating a Dremio Source in Tableau

The following instructions are used to make a connection from Tableau to Dremio.

  1. Open the Tableau Desktop, select Add Connection.
  2. Select Other Databases (ODBC) as the connection type for a new connection.
  3. In the popup configuration menu, provide:
    • Dremio DSN the you configured on your system.
    • Cluster details along with your credentials.
    • Port number 31010.
  4. Press Sign In.

  5. Hit enter in the text field of the next screen's Schema dropdown to see what's available to explore on your cluster.

[success] Your Dremio datasets are now accessible from within Tableau.

Exporting a Dremio Dataset with SSL

If you have SSL enabled on Dremio and you want to export a Dremio dataset to Tableau TDS format, you can do so by setting the export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties Support Key in Advanced Settings. This property allows you to set the ODBC connection string when exporting a Dremio dataset to Tableau TDS format. The default is an empty string.

[info] Availability

The export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties property is available as of Dremio version 3.1.8.

To set the export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties Support Key:

  1. In the Dremio UI, go to Admin.
  2. Select Cluster > Support.
  3. Add the export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties Support Key and click Show.
  4. Provide your value for the support key.

Example: SSL setting

In the following example, SSL (for generating a self-signed certificate with an ODBC/JDBC Dremio configuration) is enabled in the dremio.conf file. See Using Wire Encryption for more information.

services.coordinator.client-endpoint.ssl.enabled: true true

Example: export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties value


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