Microsoft Power BI Desktop

You can use Microsoft Power BI Desktop to query data sources with Dremio.


  • Ensure that Microsoft Power BI Desktop (October 2018+), which includes Dremio as a Certified Connector, in installed on your system.
  • Install Dremio’s ODBC driver.

Setting Up Dremio as a Data Source

  1. In Power BI Desktop, click Get data. The pins in this image show two locations for this option.

  2. In the Get Data window, search on “Dremio”, select Dremio Software, and click Connect.

  3. In the Dremio Software window, specify the hostname or IP address of your Dremio cluster, and select DirectQuery. Then, click OK.

  4. Specify the username and password for Power BI to use when connecting to your Dremio cluster.

At this point, you can either continue by selecting a dataset or click Cancel. The next time you launch Power BI Desktop, you can select the connection by clicking Home in the menu bar and Recent sources in the ribbon bar.

Changing the Hostname

You can use the support key to change the default hostname of the SQL endpoint for generating PBIDS files. The property is available from Dremio version 13.0.0.

To know how to set the support key, see Support Keys.