DbVisualizer is a SQL runner that works with any JDBC-compliant data source.


Download Dremio JDBC Driver.

Create a New Driver

From the Tools menu, select Driver Manager and create a new driver with these settings:

Field Value
Name Dremio
URL Format (direct) jdbc:dremio:direct=${Server}:${Port|31010}
URL Format (ZooKeper) jdbc:dremio:zk=${Server}:${Port|2181}
Driver Class com.dremio.jdbc.Driver
Driver File Paths dremio-jdbc-*version*.jar

The Driver window should look like this:

New Driver

Note that you will need to select the JAR file before you can select the Driver Class from the drop-down menu.

Create a New Connection

From the Tools menu, select New Connection Wizard and follow the wizard to create the connection to your Dremio cluster with these settings:

Field Value
Name Any name
Driver Dremio
Database Server The hostname or IP address of any node in the Dremio cluster
Database Port 31010
Database Userid Your username
Database Password Your password

The New Connection Wizard should look like this:

Note that you can also create a new connection without using the wizard. The process is very similar, except that you will define the settings on a single window.

Execute a SQL Query

From the SQL Commander menu, select New SQL Commander. You can now run your first SQL query.