DBeaver is a is a SQL runner that works with any JDBC-compliant data source.


Download Dremio JDBC Driver.

Create a New Driver

Select ‘Driver Manager’ from the ‘Database’ menu and create a new driver with these settings:

Field Value
Driver Name Dremio
URL Template (direct) jdbc:dremio:direct={host}[:{port}][;schema={database}]
URL Template (ZooKeeper) jdbc:dremio:zk={host}[:{port}][;schema={database}]
Class Name com.dremio.jdbc.Driver
Driver Type Generic
Default Port 31010
Driver File Paths dremio-jdbc-*version*.jar

Click ‘Add File’ and select the Dremio JDBC driver location.

Configuration screen should look like:

Create a New Connection

Click on ‘Create New Connection’ and Select Dremio

Specify your coordinator node’s hostname, username and password.

Execute a SQL Query

Now you can use DBeaver’s SQL Editor to execute queries to your Dremio datasets.