Tarball Upgrade

Upgrade instructions for Tarball-based installations.

Upgrade Checklist

Performing an Upgrade

Perform the following on each node:

  1. Shut down all Dremio executors (including any YARN provisioned nodes, if any).

  2. Shut down Dremio coordinator nodes.

  3. Rename and backup the installation of the old version (e.g. dremio_bak).

  4. Un-pack new version. See RPM and Tarball Install for more information.

  5. Copy contents of previous configuration directory (e.g. dremio_bak/conf) into configuration directory of the new installation, overwriting default files.

  6. Copy data folder (contains Dremio metadata) and its contents from previous version (e.g. dremio_bak/data) into the new installation directory.

  7. On the master coordinator only: Execute the upgrade script as the user running Dremio:

     dremio-<VERSION>/bin/dremio-admin upgrade
  8. Start Dremio on the master-coordinator first, coordinator nodes next, and then the executor nodes.

  9. Perform a backup on the new version.

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