Support Settings

Dremio Support provides settings that can be used for diagnostic purposes. These settings are enabled (or disabled) via the Dremio UI: Admin > Cluster > Support

Support Access

Support access provides multiple capabilities for communication with Dremio support depending on your role (user or administrator).

Internal Support Email

Internal support email allows you to set up default email addresses for communication with Dremio Support. The email is used to send usage data back to Dremio for diagnostic purposes.

Support Keys

Support keys allow you to enable advanced settings so that diagnostic data can be gathered to help Dremio Support resolve any issues that you may be encountering.

To enable a key:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Cluster > Support > Support Keys.
  2. Add your support key to show the toggle.
  3. Enable (or disable) the displayed toggle.
  4. Click Save.
Support Key Description
planner.verbose_profile Provides more details on planning steps.
ui.upload.allow Allows users to upload files to their home spaces. Enabled by default. See Users, Groups, and Roles for more information. Allows users to create and manage spaces. Disabled by default. See Users, Groups, and Roles for more information.
dremio.ui.outside_communication_disabled Disables outside communication with Dremio. Enabled by default.
results.max.age_in_days Sets your cleanup threshold in days. See Job Results Cleanup for more information.
exec.operator.aggregate.vectorize.use_spilling_operator Enables/disables hash aggregation spilling.
export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties Allows users to set the ODBC connection string when exporting a Dremio dataset to Tableau TDS format when SSL is enabled.

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