Support Settings

Dremio Support provides settings that can be used for diagnostic purposes. These settings are enabled (or disabled) via the Dremio UI: Admin > Cluster > Support

Support Access

Support access provides multiple capabilities for communication with Dremio support depending on your role (user or administrator).

Client Tools

Use the Client Tools pane to configure which client application buttons appear on the toolbar for a Dremio project when users view data in a dataset. Users can launch data in a client application by clicking the corresponding toolbar button.

Users must have Power BI Desktop October 2019 installed to launch the client directly from Dremio by clicking the toolbar button.

To enable a client application, toggle Enabled for the application.

Internal Support Email

The Internal Support Email setting is used to configure an email address for users to contact for assistance with queries or other questions. When configured an "Email Help" button is added to the Help section on the Jobs page which end users can use for assistance. The email sent also includes a link to the query's profile that assistance is being requested for.

Support Keys

Support keys are used to configure advanced settings in Dremio and control diagnostic data gathered.

To enable a key:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Cluster > Support > Support Keys.
  2. Enter the support key and click Show
  3. Click to enable or disable the displayed Support Key.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.
Support Key Description
planner.verbose_profile Provides more details on planning steps.
ui.upload.allow Allows users to upload files to their home spaces. Enabled by default. See Users, Groups, and Roles for more information. Allows users to create and manage spaces. Disabled by default. See Users, Groups, and Roles for more information.
dremio.ui.outside_communication_disabled Disables all exernal communication with Dremio servers. By default Dremio systems send basic information on system health and usage to Dremio in order to better support users and improve product quality. Enabling this support key stops all external communication with Dremio servers.
results.max.age_in_days Sets your cleanup threshold in days. See Job Results Cleanup for more information.
exec.operator.aggregate.vectorize.use_spilling_operator Enables/disables hash aggregation spilling.
export.tableau.extra-odbc-connection-properties Allows users to set the ODBC connection string when exporting a Dremio dataset to Tableau TDS format when SSL is enabled.
auth.personal-access-token.max_lifetime_days Specifies the expiration period for new personal access tokens. The default value is 90 days. Changes to this value do not affect tokens generated before the update.
export.tableau.export-type Specifies the export type of the .tds file that Dremio generates for Tableau. Valid values are ODBC (default) and NATIVE. ODBC generates a .tds file for connecting to Tableau with ODBC/TDC. NATIVE generates a .tds file for connecting to Tableau with the Tableau SDK Connector

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