Reset Password

When using Internal security, any user password can be reset.


  • All cluster nodes are completely shut down. See Startup/Shutdown for more information.
  • This command is run on the master node.


<DREMIO_HOME>/bin/dremio-admin set-password \


To obtain a list of options on the command line:

./dremio-admin set-password -h

Restore options:

    -h, --help
      show usage
    -p, --password
  * -u, --username
      username of user

[info] Note

If the --password flag is specified without a value, the utility prompts for one interactively.


This following example resets the password for user123.

./dremio-admin set-passowrd -u user123 -p dremio123

Resetting Passwords Step-by-Step

  1. Make sure all cluster nodes are shutdown.

  2. On the master node, run the following command:

    $ <DREMIO_HOME>/bin/dremio-admin set-password 
  3. Look for the confirmation message:

    Password changed

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