This topic describes default log files locations as well as the types of available logs.

Default Log File Locations

By default, Dremio uses the following locations to write logs:

  • Tarball - <DREMIO_HOME>/log
  • RPM - /var/log/dremio

System logs

All the following logs are enabled by default:

server.out - Log for Dremio daemon standard out.

server.log - Server log.

access.log - HTTP access log for the Dremio web server. This log will be generated by coordinator nodes only.

server.gc - Garbage collection log.

Query logs

Query logs are located in the queries.json file. This file contains a log of completed queries; it does not include queries currently in planning or execution.

Query logging is enabled by default.

Query logs can be queried by Dremio itself or another tool for monitoring and analytics.


Query logs include the following information:

  • queryId - Unique ID of the executed query.
  • queryText- SQL query text.
  • start - Start time of the query.
  • finish - End time of the query.
  • outcome - Whether the query was completed or failed.
  • username - User that executed the query.
  • commandDescription - Type of the command. This maybe a reqular SQL query execution job or another SQL command.

Sample Entries

// Successful Query
"queryText":"SELECT *\nFROM Samples.\"samples.dremio.com\".\"zips.json\" ",
"commandDescription":"execute; query"}

// Failed Query
"queryText":"SELECT *2333\nFROM Samples.\"samples.dremio.com\".\"zips.json\" ",