Backup Dremio

Dremio metadata and user uploaded files can be backed up. The backup will not include the contents of the distributed cache such as acceleration cache, downloaded files and query results.

Backup utility is available on Mac and Linux.

Creating a Backup

While the Dremio daemon is running, on the master node:

  1. Run the following command on the master node from under bin/ under your Dremio installation directory:

     <dremio_home>/bin/dremio-admin backup \
      -u <DREMIO_ADMIN_USER> \
      -p <DREMIO_ADMIN_PASS> \
      -d <BACKUP_PATH>
  2. Backup is complete! Look for the confirmation message:

    Backup created at /tmp/dremio_backup_2017-02-23_18.25, dremio tables 1400, uploaded files 150

[info] Notes

Backup path must be writable by the user running Dremio daemon. If the user specifies -p flag without a value, backup utility will prompt for one interactively. A backup can only be restored using the same version of Dremio that the backup was created on.

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