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Version: 24.3.x

Perform Nessie Maintenance

This topic provides usage information for the dremio-admin nessie-maintenance CLI command.


Automatic Nessie maintenance and the manual CLI command are available in Dremio 21.4.0+ and 22.1.1+. Because Nessie maintenance is performed automatically, it is not likely that you will need to run the CLI command unless advised by Dremio Support. You can change the automatic maintenance interval with the nessie.kvversionstore.maintenance.period_minutes Support Key.


  • Perform a backup before running the command (see Backup for more information).
  • Shut down all cluster nodes completely before running the command (see Startup/Shutdown for more information).


Syntax for Nessie maintenance command
dremio-admin nessie-maintenance [args...]


Arguments for Nessie maintenance command
Compact Nessie's global log file (legacy data).

Test repository maintenance activities without making any changes. This is useful for estimating the amount of maintenance work that would be performed.

-h, --help
Show usage and exit.

List live keys without making any changes or performing any maintenance.

Report process every Nth maintenance event, such as deleting an entity. This entry is ignored if not a positive integer value.
Default: 0 (ignored)

Purge obsolete key lists.


This section provides examples for performing Nessie maintenance.

Compact Global Log

Compacts embedded Nessie's global log file.

Compact Global Log
dremio-admin nessie-maintenance --compact-global-log

Purge Obsolete Key Lists

Purges key-value entries that are no longer used.

Purge Key Lists
dremio-admin nessie-maintenance --purge-key-lists